The best way to choose the right moisturizer is to find one that has been created just for your skin type. Before you can do that, you need to identify if you have oily skin, dry skin, combination skin or mature skin. If you have acne prone skin, that matters too. Below we’ll give you some tips based on your skin type so that you can find the right moisturizer for you.

Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Check out moisturizers that carry the label “designed for oily skin” or “oil free moisturizer”. These products will be a light cream or even a gel. They will help to hydrate the skin but not cause excess oil. Proper skin health requires hydration (water), not just oil. Even though you have oily skin, it doesn’t necessarily mean your skin is properly hydrated. A good moisturizer will nourish the skin and not clog the pores so that your skin can absorb moisture from the air. There are several skin products on the market that will say directly on the label that the moisturizer was designed for those with an oily skin type.

Moisturizer for Dry Skin

If you normally have dry skin, it’s best to check for products that are designed for those with dry skin. These products may come in lotion, cream, oil or ointment form. If you have significant dry skin, then you may consider choosing a dry skin ointment. This is highly recommend because it is thick and coats the skin, trapping moisture in. The second best form for dry skin is an oil-based moisturizer. You can also use lotion or cream moisturizer.

Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin

Those with acne prone skin should look for a moisturizer that says it is oil-free. An oil-free moisturizer may come in a gel form. They are very light and will not clog pores. On the label, look for terms like “non-pore clogging,” “oil free,” and “noncomedogenic.” The latter means the ingredients are proven not to clog pores.

Moisturizer for Mature Skin

There are specific skin care products marketed just for those with mature skin. It may contain ingredients like Vitamin E to combat wrinkles and fine lines. Mature skin moisturizers usually have ingredients to make the skin appear more plump as well. You may also consider products that advertise “anti-aging,” as they will have ingredients for preventing and lessening wrinkles, fine lines and even age spots.

Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

On another note, if you have sensitive skin then you should look for a moisturizer labeled hypoallergenic. Sensitive skin moisturizers will be free of fragrances, dyes and preservatives. When you go to try a new moisturizer, dab only a small amount on your skin. Apply it to an area like the inside of your elbow or the inside of your wrist, because the skin is fairly sensitive there and you will notice a reaction within a few hours if one is to occur.

Beyond the basic skin types, there are moisturizers labeled specifically for day time and night time use. You can use these along with your regular moisturizer. A night time moisturizer often has active ingredients like alpha hydroxy acid, which is designed to help rejuvenate and repair skin. It’s best used at night, as it can cause harmful chemical reactions when exposed to sunlight. Whichever moisturizer you choose, be sure to use it on an ongoing basis to achieve the best results. If you are having trouble finding a moisturizer, consider going to a speciality store and asking someone to recommend one to you.